How to Subscribe to Calendars
Why Use a Subscribed Calendar

Most smartphones or electronic calendars have an option to add a subscribed calendar, sometimes referred to as iCal. Subscribing to an online calendar adds the events to your electronic calendar. Any changes and added events made by the owner will automatically update on your calendar which means you don't have to manually add them, they just magically appear!

How to Use a Subscribed Calendar

To subscribe to a calendar you need a special URL to import into your calendaring program. You should be able to click on the URL below to add a Grove Calendar to your electronic calendar; however, if that does not work, directions are included for several different types of devices below.

iCal & Calendar URLs
Additional Instructions

If clicking on the iCal link above does not automatically import the chosen calendar into your device, you may use the directions below to manually import the calendar by copying and pasting a URL above.

  1. Go to iPhone "Settings"

  2. Choose "Calendar"

  3. Click on "Accounts"

  4. Select "Add Account"

  5. Choose"Other"

  6. Select "Add Subscribed Calendar"

  7. In "Server" field, paste URL for desired calendar (see list above)

  8. Name calendar in "Description" field and click "OK"

  1. Right click "Other Calendars"

  2. Choose "Add Calendar from Internet"

  3. Paste URL from desired calendar (see list above) into box and click "OK"

  4. Click "Yes" to add calendar and subscribe to updates