Greetings Grove Church Community, 

We are continuing to gather here on our church campus for in-person services at 9:00 and 10:45am.


With the recent updates to the Executive Order 20-74Executive Order 20-96 from Governor Walz, we want to remind people our in-person Sunday services will be mask required for everyone over the age of five.

Because we always seek the best for others, we are asking The Grove Community to observe the Minnesota mask mandate, which states a mask is to be worn indoors unless you have a medical condition, mental health condition, or a disability that makes it unreasonable for you to wear one. Masks will be available for those who need them. 

We also want to remind you we are now live streaming both the 9:00 and 10:45am services for people who prefer to worship from home. 

Please take time to read the “FAQ’s” below; it will answer a lot of your questions. I would also invite you to join us in prayer for the season ahead at The Grove. God is doing some amazing things and we want you all to be a part of the journey.  


Pastor Scott 

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Question’s) 

How do I register to attend Sunday services?

We will be sharing the link to register on our website. Simply click that link and register! 

What day will registration for services open and close each week? 

Each week registration will open on Wednesdays at noon for the upcoming Sunday services and run up until the start of services on Sundays. Assuming we have space as mandated by the limits you can also register in person on Sunday morning in our Connect Center. We register guests on Sundays so that if there is a health-related issue within our community, we can notify the participants of the specific services impacted. The information will not be shared in any other arena.  

Should everyone come to in-person services?

While we'd love to see each of you in-person, we know there are some limitations that may prevent you from attending. If you find yourself in one of the following categories, please consider continuing to worship online:  

• You are over the age of 65.  
• You are at risk or have a compromised immune system.  
• You are sick or have been around anyone that has been sick.  
• You are pregnant.  
• You feel safer worshiping at home. 

Whether or not you are able to return to physical gatherings at this time, the most important thing is that we stay spiritually and relationally connected as a church family– in-person or online!  

How many people will be in the Worship Center? 

Up to 179 people will be in the Worship Center. 

Where do I park?   

All regular parking will be available. 

Where do I enter the building?    

Both entrances will be open.

What time will the doors open?     

The doors will open 20 minutes prior to each service. When the doors open, we will happily hold them open for you to help everyone avoid touching anything. 

Do I need to bring a ticket?      

No! However, it is important to register as we have a Department of Health maximum capacity in place on campus. 

Will I be required to wear a mask?      

Masks are required for both services unless you fall into one of the clear exemption categories as defined by the State of Minnesota. We also ask you to sanitize your hands upon entering the building.  

Will the church be providing masks?        

We ask that you bring your own mask for your personal use. We will have a limited number of masks if needed.  

Will there be children/student programming?         

We will have kids’ programming on Sundays through grade five at the 10:45am service only. 

Will there be adult classes?         

There will not be adult classes as we are also having to move kids’ classes to allow for social distancing efforts which makes space difficult on campus. 


Will there be coffee? Can I bring my own?           

No coffee will be served at this time. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle and coffee. Just don’t forget that favorite coffee mug you set under the seat on your way out!  

Will the bathrooms be open?            

Our bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized and available for emergency use. They will be cleaned and sanitized between each service.

Will there be social distancing in the Worship Center?             
We will practice physical distancing in the Worship Center per the Governor’s guidelines. We have rows sectioned off and are asking for a four-seat minimum between family seating. Give your friend in the next row over a virtual hug, wave and a smile, but only sit with your family.  

Will the offering baskets be passed?             

We are having ushers walk the offering baskets through the open rows allowing people to give in person, or upon exiting the Worship Center. 

I am excited to see my friends at church again! Can I visit in the lobby after service?               

We all miss seeing our friends at church, but right now it is important for us to be able to clean the building between the two services. We graciously ask that you have those conversations and connections outside in the Minnesota sun, and help the Staff by quickly exiting the building after the service concludes.  

I really want to come back; can I come if I am not feeling well?                

We really miss you and want to see you, but please stay home if you are you currently sick with any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath OR if you have had contact with anyone who has been symptomatic or diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.  

Are there Growth Groups meetings this fall and winter?                 

We have growth groups running throughout the church with a couple of chances to onramp each year. Check out our website or contact Pastor Steve Douglas at The new restrictions in the executive order have made growth groups challenging. Each growth group will consider how they can meet and if it is in-person or on zoom. 

Need more help?  

Any additional questions can be asked at or by calling the Office at 763.420.6485

THE GROVE CHURCH • 8585 Rice Lake Road • Maple Grove, MN 55369 • 763.420.6485 • SERVICES Sundays 9:00 & 10:45am

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